Treating all fruit varieties in Turkey, manufacturing concentrate and pulp juices from these fruits, filling – up juices, and keeping juices in chill stores, ERSU is among the most substantial integrated facilities.  With its manufacturing facilities of Eregli and Nigde on 200.000 m2 opened area and 40.000 m2 closed area with capacity 200.000 tons fruit and vegetable treatment per year, and 50 M lt / year fruit juice production capacity, as well as 150.000 pcs / year plastic container production capacity, a fully integrated corporation ERSU exports its products to many parts of the world.

With its exportation of concentrate and fruit juices, ERSU performing its role as a bridge between Turkey and World and significantly supports and contributes to the national agriculture with cultivation of tomatoes and carrot based upon a contracted model in its region. It presents its productions such as tomato paste and carrot concentrate – based upon the same model – throughout the world.
In addition, ERSU exports its fruit juice technology, machines and equipments, as well as its know – how. Compatible with this, it has established numerous facilities in Iran, India, and China with key turn modernization.

Being one of the most prestigious trademarks, ERSU has been domestically servicing since 1996 with distribution and sales options. In addition to its distribution to all retailing sales points, it has a significant market share in mass consumption points (ie. Military facilities, hospital cafes, schools and sport complexes, catering etc.), as well.  It maintains its distribution services with 9 Regional Directorates and Distributors more than 100 throughout Turkey.

With continuous investments ERSU has accessed to the international quality standards and has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 since the year 1999 and HACCP certificate since the year 2005.