MORELLO manufacturing facilities are operating in Derecine Town / Turkey with the most beautiful nature and fruitful lands where “Morello” sour cherries and other fruits are grown. GOLDEN Co. Inc. as an affiliate of AKMAN HOLDING was assembled in 1991 on 33.000 m2 area and 12.000 m2 closed area with extension and modernization.

MORELLO has the capacity of 50.000 tons of peach, apricot, sour cherry, grape, pomegranate, apple, pear treatment per year and 400 tons tomato treatment per day . In addition, the production of 250cc, 500cc, 1000cc plastic bottles with hot fill-up technique by MORELLO was the first in Turkey. MORELLO can produce 15 M lt fruit juices per year.

Nature respect – the fruit quality and keeping of the specifications – is the principle of hygiene and production.

All kinds of concentrate, pulp and fruit juices produced in ultra – filtration, Bucher press, Band Press, APV evaporators, Aseptic fill-up, storing tanks, shocking and 2500 tons, -18 degree storage rooms, pulp lines, and state-of-art technologies equipped facilities are exported to many countries and contribute to regional residents and Turkish economy.